A triangular ground has 8km, 10km and 6km as its sides. It is to be painted at the rate of Rs. 8 per sq.km. How much will it cost?

Find perimeter of △LMN, if midpoints of its sides are joined to form △PQR. Also midpoints of △PQR are joined to get △CDE and CD=3, DE=8 and CE=4.

Length of a rectangular ground is 15m more than its breadth. What will be its area if Length : Breadth is 7:4?

A rectangular margin has a length of 48cm and a total area of 840 sq.cm. The area becomes 2(6/7) times the initial area by just increasing the breadth. How much is the perimeter of the

A plot has a concrete path within its borders on all sides having uniform width of 4m. The plot is rectangular with sides 20m and 15m. Charge of removing concrete is Rs. 6 per sq.m. How much is spent in removing all the concrete?

A 4080 cu.cm cubical room can contain how many maximum number of boxes having dimensions 4 cm, 3 cm and 2 cm?

On decreasing each side of cube by 21%, its surface area decreases by?

2 cylinders have their radii into ratio 4:7. If their heights are in the ration of 21:8 then their volumes would be in what ratio?

What will be total cost of polishing curved surface of a wooden cylinder at rate of Rs. 20 per sq.m, if it has 40 cm diameter and 7m height?

A tree breaks and falls to the ground such that its upper part is still partially attached to its stem. At what height did it break, if the original height of the tree was 24 cm and it makes an angle of 30° with the ground?