If in a certain code 3 * 4 = 25 and 6 * 8 = 100 then what is the value of 12 * 5?

5/8th of a job is completed in 10 days. If a person works at the same pace, how many days will he take to complete the job?

A boat has a speed of 14kmph in standing water. The stream has a speed of 1.2kmph. What time does the boat take to go to a distance of 4864 km and come back? (hours)

20% of A is B, then B% of 20 is same as what?

Three coins are tossed. What is the probability of getting at most two tails?

For a race a distance of 224 meters can be covered by P in 28 seconds and Q in 32 seconds. By what distance does P defeat Q eventually?

A container has 40L milk. 4L milk is taken out and replaced with water, the process done three times. What is the amount of milk now left?

The cost price of a particular amount of articles is same as the number of articles. Selling price of the articles comes out to be 20. Over the whole transaction 25% is gained. What is X?

In a decade, a town’s population increases from 175000 to 262500. What is the average % increase of population each year?

How many times do the hands of the clock coincide in a day?