An OPAMP has a slew rate of 5 V/μ S .The largest sine wave O/P voltage possible at a frequency of 1 MHZ is_______________?

A 741-Type OP-AMP has a gain-bandwith product of 1MHz. A non-inverting amplifier using this opamp & having a voltage gain of 20db will exhibit -3db bandwidth of______________?

A differential amplifier is invariably used in the i/p stage of all op-amps. This is done basically to provide the op-amps with a very high______________?

Assume that the op-amp of the fig. is ideal. If Vi is a triangular wave, then V0 will be______________?

A differential amplifier has a differential gain of 20,000. CMMR=80dB. The common mode gain is given by_______________?

Which of the following amplifier is used in a digital to analog converter?

When a step-input is given to an op-amp integrator, the output will be______________?

For an ideal op-amp, which of the following is true?

In the differential voltage gain & the common mode voltage gain of a differential amplifier are 48db & 2db respectively, then its common mode rejection ratio is________________?

Differential amplifiers are used in______________?

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