A coil of wire is arranged with its plane perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field o flux density B. when the radius of the coil increases from r1 to r2 in time Δt then what is the emf induced in the coil ?

Self-inductance of a long solenoid is______________?

The alternating current has frequency of 106 Hz in such a way that time period for completion of cycle is_______________?

Self inductance of a coil depends upon________________?

Energy stored in a magnetic field is given by______________?

For electroplating we use_________________?

The only difference between construction of D.C generator and A.C generator is that of_______________?

If the secondary coil has Ns turns and the primary Np turns the relation between secondary and primary voltages is given by_____________?

A metal rod of 25 cm length is moving at a speed of 0.5/sec in direction perpendicular to 0.25T magnetic field. Emf produced in the rod is_____________?

The self-inductance of a solenoid is increased when a soft iron core is inserted into it. This is because the soft iron core_______________?

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