Iron losses are considered to be the constant losses. It depends on

Copper losses in a rotating machine are

Stray losses are the losses which vary with the load but their relationship with load current cannot be identified. Stay losses is maximum in

The brush contact losses in a d.c. Machine is

Electrical power output in a d.c. generator is equal to

Mechanical power developed in armature of a d.c. motor is given by

Out of electrical, mechanical and magnetic losses, the losses which is minimum is

The hysteresis motor are mainly used in tape recorders because

A 120 V shunt generator running at 850 rpm has its armature and shunt field resistance of 0.15 ohm and 50 ohm respectively. It supplies 200 lamps each rated at 60 W, 100 V. The friction and windage and core loss of the machine is 400 W. its armature copper loss on full load and shunt field loss is

A d.c. shunt generator delivers 190 A at a terminal voltage of 220 V. The copper losses and stray losses are 2000 W and 1000 W respectively. The efficiency of the generator is

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