Under financial repression ?
I- banks engage in non-price rationing of loans
II- banks face pressure for loans to those with political connections
III- banks charge a high premium on foreign investments
IV- banks depend on foreign banks to set interest rates

Which of the following are costs of inflation ?
I- inflation weakens the creation of credit and capital markets
II- inflation distorts business behavior especially investment behavior
III- inflation increase the price of foreign goods relative to domestic goods
IV- Inflation imposes a tax on the holders of money

Central banks in LDCs generally have less effect on expenditure and output than in LDCs because of ?
I- an externally dependent banking system
II- a poorly developed securities market
III- a low percentage of demand deposits divided by the total money supply
IV- the relative insensitivity of investment and employment to monetary policies

When the financial system lacks the capability of making judgement about investment opportunities due to asymmetric information leading to potentially bad credit risks lending is subject to ?

Which of the following is NOT true ?

The property tax wealth tax inheritance tax and income taxes such as persona and corporate taxes are ?

_______ states that as real GNP per capita rises, people demand relatively more social goods and relatively fewer private goods?

By using fiscal policy, i (e) varying ______ and/or _____ governments achieve goals for output and employment growth as well as price stability?

Demand pull inflation result from ?

With _______ prices rise in the first sector, remain the same in the second and increase overall?

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