U.S total official development assistance to developing countries is ?

For Harvard’s Dani Rodrik Globalization involves ?

The U.S real food aid, as well as food reserves dropped from the 1960s to the 1980s partly because ?

Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff explain the paradox of capital flows from poor to rich countries by ?

Some economists and third-world policy makers criticize MNCs arguing that they have a negative effect on the developing country because they ?
I- increasing the LDC’s technological dependence on foreign sources resulting in less technological innovation by local workers
II- Hamper local entrepreneurship and investment in infant industries
III- increase unemployment rates from unsuitable technology
IV- Restrict subsidiary exports when they undercut the market of the parent company

MNCs can help the developing country to ?
I- Finance a savings gap or balance of payments deficit
II- Obtain foreign technology by adapting existing processes
III- Generate appropriate technology by adapting existing processes
IV- Employ domestic labor, especially in skilled jobs

Bilateral aid ?

The balance on current account ?
I- equals the absolute value of the balance on capital account
II- is financed by savings
III- is net grants minus remittances
IV- includes goods services and unilateral transfers

Columbia’s Jagdish Bhagwati criticizes United States administrations inability to distinguish between benefits of free trade ?

In a portfolio investment ?

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