Select the correct statement_____?

A force P of 50 N and another force Q of unknown magnitude act at 90° to each other. They are balanced by a force of 130 N. The magnitude of Q is__________________?

If the resultant of two forces has the same magnitude as either of the force, then the angle between the two forces is____________________?

The angles between two forces to make their resultant a minimum and a maximum respectively are__________________?

The resultant of two forces P and Q is R. If Q is doubled, the new resultant is perpendicular to P. Then_________________?

A disc of mass 4 kg, radius 0.5m and moment of inertia 3 kg-m2 rolls on a horizontal surface so that its center moves with speed 5 m/see. Kinetic energy of the disc is ___________________?

The following is in unstable equilibrium__________________?

A uniform pyramid and a uniform prism of same height lie with their base on the surface. Which is more stable ?

A rigid body is in a stable equilibrium if the application of any force__________________?

Two circular discs of same weight and thickness are made from metals having different densities. Which disc will have the larger rotational inertia about its central axis ?